Generally, most kitchens can be used for a good many years, without showing too much wear and tear. After a while, the cupboard doors and drawer fronts begin to look shabby, with paint flaking off, handles moving or falling off and they end up just looking worn and tired. The units, however, remain much as they did when they were first installed. Apart from cleaning, they tend not to need updating for quite some time.

So why not renovate your kitchen, but just change the unit doors and drawer fronts? The difference is simply amazing, it will look like you have had a brand new kitchen, but only spent a portion of your usual budget. If any of the units do need replacing, we can do this for you as well! For a hassle-free makeover, you can decide between 400 different styles and colours and we’ll make sure that it will be the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of! We can measure up, discuss your requirements and give you time to peruse our many styles, so you can be sure that you are choosing the most appropriate one for you. If you have any strange nooks and crannies that need to be covered up, we can help. With so many years experience, we’ve pretty much seen everything, so leave it with the experts to restyle your kitchen.


For a long time, people have replaced entire kitchens, because that was the way it was done. Times have changed and now you can renovate without having to pull out the old units and white goods. Gone are the days where you are without a cooker and a fridge for weeks. With this unique way of renovating, you keep the structure of your kitchen, but renew it by changing the kitchen doors and drawer fronts. You can opt for a brand-new style, colour and feel, ultimately having a brand-new kitchen, for a fraction of the cost!

Kitchen Magic are experts in this type of kitchen restoration, we pride ourselves in giving customers a kitchen makeover to be proud of. With our incredible customer service and top quality products, we offer the best in kitchen transformations. Our manufacturing is all in-house, so the process is streamlined, you don’t have to worry about orders going missing or your doors coming back in the wrong size. We enjoy putting the finishing touches to our kitchens, to ensure that every part fits and looks fantastic.

Fitting Bespoke Kitchen Doors