Are you someone who takes pride in having the most up-to-date and fashionable kitchen? Do you get bored with looking at the same cupboard doors, year in, year out? Here at Kitchen Magic, we have the perfect solution. Renew your kitchen as regularly as you would like, for much less than the cost of a brand-new kitchen.

How might I do that? You may ask. Well, if you keep your original units, all you need to do is change the doors and drawer fronts! Units can be used for years without the need for updating, but the doors can be renewed. You can choose a whole new style if you like, from stainless steel, vinyl wrapped to solid wood. The whole range has 400 styles and colours to choose from, so you will be able to select the exact style to suit your taste. If you just fancy a colour change, then have a good look through our range of gorgeous hand-painted kitchen doors, you could mix and match if one colour’s not enough!

Kitchen door colours selection

Maybe it’s just the time of year and you’re looking to make changes in your life, starting with the kitchen. It can be a cathartic experience when you begin to redecorate your home, changes can happen on a psychological level and your surroundings can have a big impact on your mood. By renewing your kitchen doors and going for an alternative style or colour, it can affect the way you feel and help you to see things from a different angle. If you already have an ultra modern kitchen, then maybe you would like something simpler? Something with more muted tones can be particularly relaxing, such as the doors from our Classic and Country styles.

Country kitchen range

We also have a wide range of accessories to complement our kitchen doors. From door handles to shelving and storage solutions, you can change and complete the look of your new kitchen. There are a variety of worktops to choose from; marble, granite and laminated are available to enhance your stunning new kitchen. If you are having issues with storage in your home, then we can advise on the best storage solutions for your kitchen. Renew your dated old kitchen, it’ll change your surroundings and could even change your life!