When thinking about getting a new kitchen from Kitchen Magic, you only need to make sure that your units haven’t come to the end of their life. It’s highly unlikely that the units will need to be changed as often as the cupboard door and drawer fronts. They are not as regularly used and tend to have a much longer life. However, you might find that one or two units are beginning to come loose from the wall, or have been water damaged (for example, under the sink) if this is the case, then we can simply install new ones.

Kitchen makeover before and after

For your own peace of mind and to ensure we can help, check your units to make sure that they are in a good condition, ready to have new doors hung. If old units have been installed incorrectly, the wall plugs are not strong enough or the wall attached is crumbling, then we would advise that these issues are fixed before we can come and create our magic.

If you’re struggling for storage space, we can also add in new units so that they fit in with the structure of your kitchen. In today’s modern houses, this can be a welcome benefit and the cupboard doors will ensure that the entire kitchen looks matched, modern and beautiful. Our expertise lies within making cupboard doors and drawer fronts to transform the most-used room in the house. Our designs and styles are extensive, so there’s no doubt that you could find a style to suit you and your family.

Once your units are ready, our consultant will help you to choose your dream kitchen, along with any accessories you would like, such as worktops, sinks, taps and handles. You could have that old-style country kitchen you’ve been dreaming about, with solid wood doors and even a solid wood worktop to match. There’s no limit to what we can create with your ideas and our knowledge. The cost will be far lower than that of a brand new kitchen and the upheaval will be minimal, giving you a fantastic kitchen makeover that could take less than a day to install.

So if your units are ready for new doors, feel free to get excited about having a fabulous kitchen in next to no time and at a price that will make you smile!