Whether you’re into vintage, country-style or ultra-modern, there are no limits to what you can achieve with the sheer choice offered by Kitchen Magic. We can transform your exhausted, shabby-looking kitchen into something truly amazing, a space you’ll never want to leave.

You don’t need to change your entire kitchen to get the impact you desire. This is expensive and unnecessary! By simply changing the cupboard doors and drawer fronts, your kitchen will be unrecognisable. You can choose Cambridge for an ultra modern look, choose from an array of colours to suit your style and the shiny, clean surfaces will welcome you in everyday. The Country style is made of solid hand-crafted wood, so if your fantasy is to have your very own country kitchen, then look no further. From natural Oak to dark Mahogany, you can decide on the type that you prefer.

The Kensington range has wood effect kitchen doors, so if you’re not partial to real wood, these could be ideal. We have so many styles, like Cathedral Arch and Kilby, we’ll find the one most suited to you. The simple and elegant Classic range, is exactly that. The doors are melamine-coated, you can choose the finish you like, with a quality that is second to none. The Chatsworth range has 9 styles to choose from, the doors are vinyl-wrapped, high quality, full of clean lines and class. The Oxford range uses delicious colours for the hand-painted, kitchen cupboard doors, and can be painted to any British Standard colour of your choice.

Renovating your kitchen need not be the headache you envision. Costs will be lower than if you chose to rip out your entire kitchen and start again. You can keep your cooker, fridge and sink if you wish and simply refurbish the drawers and doors, the transformation will be startling!

Cambridge kitchen range

Transforming your kitchen can make such a difference to your daily living. It has become a room in our houses that is no longer just for cooking and preparing food. It is the heart of the home, used for entertaining, congregating as a family and having heart-to-hearts over a cuppa. This is an area of the home that is about you and your life, make it as special as you want it to be. Out of 400 different styles and colour combinations, we can help you to realise your dream and your kitchen’s potential.