At Kitchen Magic, we strive to give our clients the best service, as well as top quality products. We know what it takes to ensure that your kitchen looks fantastic, as well as being practical for your everyday needs. We have been delivering this service for over 35 years and with our experience, we know that attempting to do it yourself can be stressful and not as cost-effective as you might imagine.

Even just replacing unit doors and door fronts can be frustrating, if you cannot get the exact fit. You’ll need a drill, jigsaw, spirit level, screwdriver, measuring tape, along with all of the attachments – hinges, screws and putty knife, at the very minimum. Even if you are practised in using this equipment, if the doors are just 2mm out, shaving a brand-new door is not easy and here’s hoping you get it dead straight, otherwise it’s going to look a mess! Getting another new door and other add-ons as you go along will mount up and end up costing you dearly.

Our years of experience have told us that every kitchen is different. From size to shape, most kitchens have some areas where the walls or floors are uneven, or they have quirks or pipes hidden by an odd-looking cupboard. We have the knowledge to be able to incorporate these oddities into your bespoke kitchen, because we do this every day! You can get on with your life, without having to dedicate months of working evenings and weekends, once you’ve finished work, that is.

Our tailor-made unit doors will be fitted exactly, there will be no gaps or overhang, everything will made to measure. We are a service-minded business and fully appreciate that our clients want a high quality service, with top quality workmanship. Kitchen Magic can guarantee this. Your biggest challenge will be choosing which of our 400 style and colour combinations to opt for- but don’t worry, we’ll go through the pros and cons of the various styles and finishes of our fitted unit doors, so that you can make an informed decision about your kitchen’s design and use.

Kitchen makeover consultation

We can take the stress away from designing and fitting your kitchen. We pride ourselves on delivering a professional, speedy service, with excellent customer care and a good, quality product.