Isn’t it embarrassing when friends come round and they notice your old-fashioned kitchen doors? The paint peeling off, the loose handles, the stains that just won’t budge? Worry no more, Kitchen Magic is here to help. You don’t need to get a second job or re-mortgage the house to have that brand-new kitchen, we have a much simpler option for you!

If you are happy with the layout of the room, there’s no reason to move your kitchen units. After all, it’s the outside of the units that get knocked, slammed and dribbled on. It’s the cupboard doors and drawer fronts that bear the brunt of family life and so it’s only these that will need replacing. Good news for your bank balance!

If you fancy some sophistication in your home, a taste of the ultra modern or a country-style feel, then you can choose from our range of over 400 different styles and colours to suit you. Breathing new life into this much used room in the house can make such a difference to your daily routines, creating a real feeling of happiness and pride in your home.


Should you be thinking of selling your home in the near future, then this is the ideal way to update your kitchen, without the costs involved of having a brand new one. You can enjoy the room for as long as you’re there and it will make the house so much easier to sell. After all, it’s quite often the kitchen and bathroom that help to sell a house, especially to first time buyers.

If you simply fancy a change or are sick of looking at your dull, stained, chipped kitchen doors, then consider Kitchen Magic to help you attain your dream. With over 30 years experience, we know kitchens and we love delivering a fantastic, professional service.

Fitting Bespoke Kitchen Doors