You may wish to renovate your kitchen, but think of the upheaval and mess it can cause if you intend on pulling out everything, units and all. It involves days and weeks of having to cook elsewhere in the house, because of the dirt and dust and all of your food and utensils being packed away, only to unpack again once the kitchen is completed.

To transform your kitchen, you really only need to change the cupboard doors and drawer fronts. They are the part of the room that everyone can see, nobody ever looks at the units, so why change the entire kitchen? Your room can be transformed at a fraction of the cost by choosing a new style or colour of doors, leaving you with an overall effect that’s out of this world.

Of course, if you would like to update other features such as the worktops, sink, taps and handles, this can add to the transformation. At Kitchen Magic, we have styles to suit everyone. If you like ultra modern, then our Cambridge range will suit you perfectly. The doors are made with a high gloss finish, giving the room that sleek and stylish feel. Our Classic range is simple, yet affordable, with melamine-faced doors in various finishes. The Country range is made of solid wood, or, if you fancy a country-style kitchen with less of a price tag, consider our Kensington range, which offers a selection of wood-effect laminate-covered doors. If you prefer the ‘shaker style’ doors, our Oxford range will be perfect for you, just choose your favourite colour and we’ll hand-paint them!

Whichever design you choose, new kitchen doors and drawer fronts will transform the heart of your home, and the cost won’t make your eyes water. Everyone will think you’ve had a brand new kitchen, but your original units won’t have been touched and you will have saved a pretty penny. Having your meals in this wonderful new kitchen will brighten your life and you’ll no longer feel conscious about having friends over to socialise.


The added bonus is that this kind of transformation can take less than a day to install. There will be very little upheaval, no having to cook meals in the living room for weeks or storing your food in the spare room. Everything can stay where it is. The old cupboard doors will come off and the new ones can be attached. Simple. You could leave for work with a shabby, tired kitchen and come home to a brand new, stylish kitchen. How amazing is that?!

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