When it comes to installing a new kitchen in your home, there are a number of possibilities to be taken into consideration. Should I change the structure of the kitchen? Should I go for a new style or colour? Should I rearrange units, the cooker, sink? The list is endless…

However, here at Kitchen Magic, we can help you with all of your worries and give you the benefit of over 30 years experience in the trade. Generally, a kitchen will have been structured in the best way possible, to give you the space you need to work and have the cooker, sink and fridge in the format that’s most helpful and practical to you and your family. This can be an expensive exercise, especially if you are intent on completely renovating, taking out units and all.

We have another solution. To keep costs down and to save time on installing a brand-new kitchen, you could simply exchange your old cupboard doors and drawer fronts for custom made new ones. The units in a kitchen are generally used for storing food items, utensils and cleaning materials, they don’t wear out that quickly, if ever. If you could do with some extra storage, we can add in some more units or replace any that are damaged. So, if you’re looking to update your tired-looking kitchen, think about having brand new doors, with brand new designs – you’ll be amazed at the transformation!

A kitchen makeover is gaining popularity (have you seen the TV shows?), and instead of having to organise somewhere to store and cook food, which could be for weeks, possibly longer – we can install your new doors in as little as a day! Your food, utensils and kitchen paraphernalia can stay in the units, you can still cook your meals and any dust and dirt will be kept to a minimum. There’ll be no sawing an inch off a door because it’s too big, all of our products are tailor made to order to fit your existing kitchen units.

So, if you fancy a change or are in dire need of a new looking kitchen, consider having custom made doors for your units. We have over 400 different styles and colours for you to choose from, along with worktops, taps and other accessories to really complete the makeover. From ultra-modern to traditional country style, we have the perfect style for everyone!