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Kitchen Magic does Black Friday – up to 40% off!

24 Nov

Refurbish your kitchen in time for Christmas and get a huge ‘Black Friday’ discount! If there’s any time of the year to be bargain hunting: it’s in the run up to Christmas. There are sales here, BOGOFs there, and the shopping centres are a minefield of random discounts…not to mention the manic shoppers determined to be the first to get their hands on the good... Read more

How much can a Kitchen Facelift cost?

26 Oct

As a nation we may still be cautiously feeling our way out of the worst recession in a generation, but optimism is higher, people are more willing (and able) to spend a little extra cash, and much of that surplus is going on home improvements. One of the first places to get a makeover when we have some spare capital is the kitchen. It’s the... Read more

The Breakfast, Dinner and Everything-in-Between Bar

17 Mar

  The typical breakfast bar has been serving homeowners for years, providing the perfect solution for homes that lack the monumentous space often needed for a dining table. They can also provide a great accessory for kitchen-diners as an area to display your food and drink on, should the table be crowded with guests. For other homeowners, they are simply extra working space, which we... Read more

Replace Kitchen Worktops – Finishing Touches

24 Feb

Replacing your kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts is the most impactive way to upgrade your kitchen – at a fraction of the time, cost and inconvenience it takes to undertake a complete refit. Your kitchen cupboard doors and drawers cover the most surface area in your kitchen and are the surfaces most likely to tell the tales of battles with spaghetti sauce, dropped pans... Read more