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An Ultra-Modern Kitchen – High Gloss Kitchen Doors

6 Jan

The kitchen has to be the hardest-working room in the home; it’s used for cooking, washing, entertaining, dining and even homework. However, it doesn’t have to look like it’s taken a beating – especially if you know which surfaces are the easiest to maintain and deliver the most visual impact. If your dream kitchen is sleek, chic and modern, then you ought to be checking... Read more

Changing Kitchen Cupboard Doors – All at Once!

19 Nov

Choosing to replace all your kitchen cupboard doors in one go is a quick and easy way to breathe new life into your kitchen. Always the busiest room in the home, the kitchen takes a daily battering, dealing with spills, dents, dings and the extreme variations in temperature and humidity that come with cooking and washing. Your cupboard doors represent the greatest surface area in... Read more

Oak Cathedral Kitchen Doors – Fitted Perfectly

25 Jun

Oak is one of the most popular woods of all time, making it a perfect addition to our Classic Range. Used since Medieval times, it has always held a special place in English heritage and has been used in prestigious buildings across the land. Part of its appeal is the dense and beautiful grain, which perfectly highlight any occurring whorls and knots. However, while many... Read more

Make a Worthwhile Resolution this Year with a Kitchen Refurbishment!

4 Jan

It’s that time again – the decorations are coming down, we’ve finally finished the turkey, the kids are going back to school and the hoovers preparing to battle the heap of pine needles left on the carpet. It’s easy at this time of year to feel disappointed – the rooms suddenly feel bare and dull and the kitchen is bearing the scars of a fortnight... Read more

Kitchen Magic does Black Friday – up to 40% off!

24 Nov

Refurbish your kitchen in time for Christmas and get a huge ‘Black Friday’ discount! If there’s any time of the year to be bargain hunting: it’s in the run up to Christmas. There are sales here, BOGOFs there, and the shopping centres are a minefield of random discounts…not to mention the manic shoppers determined to be the first to get their hands on the good... Read more

Kitchen Fronts – Cabinet Doors and Drawers to die for!

14 Oct

Walk into your kitchen and look around. What’s the first thing that catches your eye? (Apart from the pile of washing up that needs doing, that is!) We’re guessing that the first thing you notice as you walk into your kitchen are your kitchen fronts – the cabinet doors and drawers that you open and close every single day. How fresh do they look? How... Read more

High Gloss Kitchen Doors – Both Ancient and Modern

22 Aug

If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a much-needed facelift, the most cost-effective and convenient solution is to simply replace your kitchen cabinet doors. In most kitchens, these doors occupy the greatest surface area and tend to be the surfaces that are dealt the most punishment. Many kitchens are let down by the dents, dings and stains sported by their cupboard doors – testament to... Read more

Wood Effect Vinyl Kitchen Doors – An Alternative to Wood

16 Aug

Solid wood is one of the most desirable materials for kitchen cabinet doors. It exudes a warmth and elegance that is hard to beat, and is satisfyingly robust and heavy! However, solid wood kitchen doors also come with a price tag that is not suitable to everyone’s budget. In addition, it’s not always practical; while it may look great, it doesn’t stand up to dents... Read more