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Tailor-Made – Kitchen Unit Doors – Fitted Perfectly!

20 Jun

At Kitchen Magic, we strive to give our clients the best service, as well as top quality products. We know what it takes to ensure that your kitchen looks fantastic, as well as being practical for your everyday needs. We have been delivering this service for over 35 years and with our experience, we know that attempting to do it yourself can be stressful and... Read more

Transform any Style Kitchen – Hundreds of Door Ranges to Choose From

13 Jun

Whether you’re into vintage, country-style or ultra-modern, there are no limits to what you can achieve with the sheer choice offered by Kitchen Magic. We can transform your exhausted, shabby-looking kitchen into something truly amazing, a space you’ll never want to leave. You don’t need to change your entire kitchen to get the impact you desire. This is expensive and unnecessary! By simply changing the... Read more

Are Your Kitchen Units Crying Out for New Doors?

30 May

Isn’t it embarrassing when friends come round and they notice your old-fashioned kitchen doors? The paint peeling off, the loose handles, the stains that just won’t budge? Worry no more, Kitchen Magic is here to help. You don’t need to get a second job or re-mortgage the house to have that brand-new kitchen, we have a much simpler option for you! If you are happy... Read more

Renew Your Kitchen With Beautiful New Doors and Drawer Fronts

23 May

Are you someone who takes pride in having the most up-to-date and fashionable kitchen? Do you get bored with looking at the same cupboard doors, year in, year out? Here at Kitchen Magic, we have the perfect solution. Renew your kitchen as regularly as you would like, for much less than the cost of a brand-new kitchen. How might I do that? You may ask.... Read more

Custom Made Kitchen Unit Doors – The Detail of Design

12 Apr

When it comes to installing a new kitchen in your home, there are a number of possibilities to be taken into consideration. Should I change the structure of the kitchen? Should I go for a new style or colour? Should I rearrange units, the cooker, sink? The list is endless… However, here at Kitchen Magic, we can help you with all of your worries and... Read more

Changing Kitchen Unit Doors Transforms the Look of Your Kitchen

15 Mar

You may wish to renovate your kitchen, but think of the upheaval and mess it can cause if you intend on pulling out everything, units and all. It involves days and weeks of having to cook elsewhere in the house, because of the dirt and dust and all of your food and utensils being packed away, only to unpack again once the kitchen is completed.... Read more

Are My Kitchen Units Good Enough for New Doors?

8 Feb

When thinking about getting a new kitchen from Kitchen Magic, you only need to make sure that your units haven’t come to the end of their life. It’s highly unlikely that the units will need to be changed as often as the cupboard door and drawer fronts. They are not as regularly used and tend to have a much longer life. However, you might find that... Read more

Bespoke Handleless Kitchen Doors – Options for Kitchens

17 Jan

Choosing the handles and pulls for your new, replacement kitchen cabinet door and drawer fronts might be the icing on the cake – but it can also be something of a headache. However, there are routes you can take to ensure the handles you buy do match the theme of your kitchen – and there’s one option that might surprise you. Get a Grip! A... Read more

Custom Built Kitchens – Needing New Doors?

13 Jan

Bespoke kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. No longer the monopoly of the wealthy, they allow homeowners to make the most of the space they have available and express something of their personalities and lifestyle choices. With the kitchen acting as the heart of the home, paying a little more to have exactly what you want is the ideal way to make your mark and invite... Read more

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers to Match

11 Dec

The kitchen can be something of a battle-ground, bearing the scars of many a culinary campaign and bake-off battle, and it’s your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers that tend to be the surfaces that bear the brunt. From dents and dings to extremes of temperature and even overenthusiastic slamming, it’s not uncommon for a door or two to start to let the side down. However,... Read more