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Thinking of installing a New Kitchen? Keep the Units, Reduce the Cost

10 May

Estate Agents always talk about the kitchen and the bathroom being the biggest expenses, when buying a new house. This can be true if you’re going to take out the whole of the kitchen units, shelving, the lot. If you’ve just moved house, this can be one financial cost that you really don’t need. So, let’s investigate another option… If you like the layout of... Read more

Custom Made Kitchen Unit Doors – The Detail of Design

12 Apr

When it comes to installing a new kitchen in your home, there are a number of possibilities to be taken into consideration. Should I change the structure of the kitchen? Should I go for a new style or colour? Should I rearrange units, the cooker, sink? The list is endless… However, here at Kitchen Magic, we can help you with all of your worries and... Read more

Planning a Kitchen Renovation – Key Steps

10 Nov

Deciding to renovate your kitchen is no mean feat and requires careful planning in order to end up with a result you can be really proud of. Preparation is key to the process and can help you through the pitfalls that the less-prepared often fall foul of. The first stage is to decide how you want your kitchen to look. Is a new colour scheme... Read more

The Costs of a Kitchen Renovation – What to Consider

25 Oct

According to a study by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the average cost of renovating a kitchen is on the rise. While figures do vary, because there is no such thing as a truly ‘standard’ kitchen, anyone looking to give their kitchen a complete makeover should anticipate a bill that runs into the thousands, dependent on the size and style of their room and... Read more

Make a Worthwhile Resolution this Year with a Kitchen Refurbishment!

4 Jan

It’s that time again – the decorations are coming down, we’ve finally finished the turkey, the kids are going back to school and the hoovers preparing to battle the heap of pine needles left on the carpet. It’s easy at this time of year to feel disappointed – the rooms suddenly feel bare and dull and the kitchen is bearing the scars of a fortnight... Read more

Kitchen Magic does Black Friday – up to 40% off!

24 Nov

Refurbish your kitchen in time for Christmas and get a huge ‘Black Friday’ discount! If there’s any time of the year to be bargain hunting: it’s in the run up to Christmas. There are sales here, BOGOFs there, and the shopping centres are a minefield of random discounts…not to mention the manic shoppers determined to be the first to get their hands on the good... Read more

Considering giving your home a summer makeover? It’s not too late!

21 Jul

There’s still time for that summer kitchen makeover! We may be in the middle of summer now, but with temperatures still soaring it’s not too late to give your kitchen a summer makeover. Whilst we may be making the most of Al Fresco cooking, wheeling out the old barbecues and dusting off the picnic blanket, the sun shining through our open windows can often highlight... Read more

Types of Kitchen Restoration

19 Jun

Although the media reports that the UK is going through a financial upturn, many of us are still feeling the pinch in our pockets. As a result, a large number of homeowners are putting off long-term plans to invest in their homes, just in case things take another turn for the worse. However, when it comes to situations such as putting your home on the... Read more

Our Top 5 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets Worth Investing in This Spring

9 Apr

As most of us know, a great deal of our time is spent in the kitchen, whether it be cooking, cleaning, tidying, or socialising with friends. Either way, there is a gadget out there for everyone, whatever main use your kitchen provides you with. Technophobes, fear not! We’ve listed our Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets, which you don’t an engineering degree (or an up-to-date teenager) to... Read more