Monthly Archives: December 2016

Kitchen Installations – DIY or use Installers?

20 Dec

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, the most cost-effective route to take is to replace your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts. With an extensive range of colours, styles, finishes and materials to choose from, you can experience the feel of a new-look kitchen, but without the associated hassle or expense of choosing to rip it all out and start again. It’s true that... Read more

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers to Match

11 Dec

The kitchen can be something of a battle-ground, bearing the scars of many a culinary campaign and bake-off battle, and it’s your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers that tend to be the surfaces that bear the brunt. From dents and dings to extremes of temperature and even overenthusiastic slamming, it’s not uncommon for a door or two to start to let the side down. However,... Read more

Replacement Kitchen Cupboard Doors to Suit any Style of Kitchen

5 Dec

If you’ve decided to save time and money by replacing your kitchen cupboard door fronts, rather than opting to start from scratch, the first problem you’ll be faced with is which doors to choose. Your kitchen cupboard doors represent the greatest surface area in your kitchen and replacing them gives you virtually endless options in terms of giving your culinary HQ a completely new look.... Read more