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Kitchen Refurbishment Suitability – UK Replacement Kitchen Doors

10 Aug

In over 30 years’ experience at the forefront of kitchen refurbishment, we’ve helped to restore kitchens of all shapes and sizes to their former glory. In all that time, we’ve yet to find a kitchen that isn’t suitable for replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts. With over 400 styles and colour combinations available, you can choose to take your kitchen in any direction you choose,... Read more

Kitchen Doors Made to Measure

8 Aug

Your kitchen needs reviving but you can’t afford to do a complete replacement from the ground up. You’ve made the sensible (and much cheaper!) decision to refurbish rather than replace, and are planning on replacing those tired and tatty kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts instead. So do you head to your local DIY store and buy ‘off the shelf’ replacements, or do you spend... Read more