Monthly Archives: January 2016

Kitchen Facelift Ideas on a Budget

25 Jan

A little bit of cash can go a long, long way, if you plan carefully. A kitchen facelift on a budget is perfectly possible, and you can achieve some pretty spectacular results too! Here are our top five tips and ideas for doing a kitchen makeover on a budget: 1 – Get busy with the paintbrush The easiest way to freshen up any kitchen has... Read more

What Are Kitchen Cabinet Doors Made Of?

15 Jan

Kitchen cabinet doors are the first thing you notice when you walk into your kitchen, so it’s important that they look their very best. So how do you pick the right style for your kitchen, and what exactly are your kitchen cabinet doors made from? Let’s peel back the layers and have a look underneath the veneer! Solid wood At the top of the bespoke... Read more

Make a Worthwhile Resolution this Year with a Kitchen Refurbishment!

4 Jan

It’s that time again – the decorations are coming down, we’ve finally finished the turkey, the kids are going back to school and the hoovers preparing to battle the heap of pine needles left on the carpet. It’s easy at this time of year to feel disappointed – the rooms suddenly feel bare and dull and the kitchen is bearing the scars of a fortnight... Read more