Monthly Archives: August 2015

High Gloss Kitchen Doors – Both Ancient and Modern

22 Aug

If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a much-needed facelift, the most cost-effective and convenient solution is to simply replace your kitchen cabinet doors. In most kitchens, these doors occupy the greatest surface area and tend to be the surfaces that are dealt the most punishment. Many kitchens are let down by the dents, dings and stains sported by their cupboard doors – testament to... Read more

Wood Effect Vinyl Kitchen Doors – An Alternative to Wood

16 Aug

Solid wood is one of the most desirable materials for kitchen cabinet doors. It exudes a warmth and elegance that is hard to beat, and is satisfyingly robust and heavy! However, solid wood kitchen doors also come with a price tag that is not suitable to everyone’s budget. In addition, it’s not always practical; while it may look great, it doesn’t stand up to dents... Read more

Hand Crafted Solid Wood Kitchen Doors

10 Aug

There’s not much that can beat the timeless beauty and incomparable elegance of natural wood. If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a new lease of life, but don’t want the associated expense and hassle of a refit, then you might want to consider replacing your kitchen cupboard doors. As well as taking up the greatest surface area in your kitchen, they are also the... Read more