Monthly Archives: May 2015

Can’t find matching Kitchen Cupboard Doors? Replace them with Bespoke Doors

30 May

The idea of the ‘standard shaped’ kitchen is a myth. Kitchen cupboard doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes – especially if you’re looking for doors to fit units that have been modified over time, or have been there for a while. In addition, the manufacturers of mass-produced kitchens tend not to supply single, one-off doors, or doors that don’t adhere to their... Read more

Replacing your Kitchen Door Fronts? Which colours and styles will suit you best?

26 May

If your kitchen is looking past its best, then you might be thinking about a refit. However, the time, money and inconvenience that a refit can mean are factors that often see homeowners bypassing the decision and simply ‘making do’ with their drab kitchen, just as it is. However, you don’t have to put up with a tired-looking space that’s desperately in need of a... Read more

Replacing your Kitchen Cabinet Doors? What are the Hottest Styles?

20 May

Replacing your kitchen cabinet doors is one of the easiest ways to get your kitchen looking as good as new. It costs significantly less than ripping out your cabinets and starting from scratch, and there’s considerably less time and mess involved. In addition, the final result can be as impactive as you want it to be; you can either choose to restore your tried and... Read more