Monthly Archives: April 2014

Modern Kitchens v/s Traditional Kitchens

21 Apr

If you’re in the position where it’s time to give your existing kitchen a bit of an overhaul, there tends to be one question that you’ll end up asking: “Should I go for a modern or traditional kitchen?” While it might simply seem like a matter of taste or preference, your choice of kitchen can have an impact on the value of your home, so... Read more

Kitchen Design Ideas – What’s Hot and What’s Not for 2014

15 Apr

You might be thinking about giving your kitchen a facelift for 2014 – in which case, you’ll probably be keeping an eye on the up-and-coming design trends. However, ideas like these aren’t just for people who are completely renovating their kitchens. If you’re wanting to perform some kitchen cosmetic surgery of your own but are slightly hamstrung by a tight budget then you can take... Read more

You don’t have to be a Designer to Design a great Kitchen – Article – Kitchen Magic

1 Apr

Designing your kitchen might sound like a daunting prospect but, if you stop and think about it – there’s no-one better qualified than you are to do the job! You’re the one who’s going to be using the kitchen and you’re the one that knows what you like when it comes to style and colour. While you could hunt out the services of a professional,... Read more