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Kitchen Makeover on a Budget – Top 5 Tips

30 Jan

Replacing an entire kitchen can really put a strain on the finances – but sometimes it feels like the best thing you can do. If you’re looking to sell your home, throwing some money at your kitchen can reap dividends when it comes to getting the best price for your bricks and mortar. However, if money’s tight, there are still a number of things you... Read more

Kitchen Door Manufacturers – Yes we actually make them!

20 Jan

All kitchens are not created equal – as anyone who’s gone through the unenviable task of trying to design or install a new one knows, only too well! However, there comes a time when a kitchen is past its sell-by and you need to take action. First and foremost on most people’s minds is the cost involved; new kitchens aren’t cheap. What if there was... Read more